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play equipment play equipment play equipment PLAY
Always popular with primary schools this ship sails to many destinations!
Complete with its own sail which can be emblazoned with a name of your choice.
It can be adapted and built to include a sand pit in the base that is covered during wet weather or when not in use. It can be installed to grassed areas or onto safety surfacing of a playground. Complete with helm, wheel and mast it inspires imaginative play as well as offering educational opportunities on every voyage.
For more physically challenging play  our agility trails can be tailored to suit the specific age groups of children or their physical capabilities. You can ‘Pick and Mix’ from individual elements to design your own trail or just add elements to an existing trail.
We are also able to supply and install grass saver safety matting to fit around your new or existing trail. This mat surface is fitted to grass surfaces and once established can be mown over as well as adding a rubberised fall area around play equipment.
We individually design every piece of play equipment for each customer. All fall heights are calculated for each age group of children and each piece is carefully planned with each school, darecare centre or nursery to ensure it is suitable and practical. Because we manufacture all of our timber products we can adapt  our designs to virtually any environment.