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This attractive open style of shelter is fitted below ground through paving slabs. Including the installation of  cycle stands also secured below ground. Installed to a university/college or school it can be adapted for use as a cycle shelter, canopy or walkway. It could even be installed as an extension to an entrance or reception area. This structure is extremely flexible in its end use.
This shelter is a particularly popular design, available from a number of suppliers. It can be installed using above or below ground fixings. It is extremely flexible in its uses. Pictured here as a cycle shelter it can be used as a waiting shelter, smoking shelter, taxi rank, sport dugout or spectator shelter. It can be installed with or without the side panels and any number can be joined together to increase capacity. The sky is the limit with this contemporary design.
Used in conjunction with below ground fitted motor cycle anchors this style of shelter can be a practical as well as attractive addition to a parking area. Any combination of cycle racking and motor cycle anchors and rails can be fitted.
The same shelter design is also available as a compound. This gives far more security and can be fitted with gates or sliding doors. The gates and sliding doors can be locked when necessary. Again they can be installed in any number of modular units to accommodate whatever your capacity requirements.
Pictured here is an alternative compound design. This is similar to installing the shelters above in a ‘face to face’ formation with access at either one or both ends of the shelter. This design is available with or without the connecting centre roof section.
Shown here are a number of different cycle storage shelters.  Each installation has been adapted to suit the customers individual requirements. We specialise in the installation of a variety of suppliers products on an installation only basis.  We are also able to complete all the groundworks required. We install concrete bases, Foundation pads, and sub-surface foundation blocks. These shelters can be used for many applications and are not restricted to being used for cycle storage. As modular constructions they can be extended to  increase capacity or added to at a later date should your needs change over time. They are widely available in a range of colours and sizes. We are more than happy to advise you on any aspect of your installation.
Pictured here is the double bay version of the above shelter. Extended to increase capacity and fitted to our prepared concrete base. This shelter was installed to a school driveway and finished in green to be less visually obtrusive.