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Call on 01782 534743
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We can reduce the installation time of your structures using our foundation blocks. These foundation feet are pre cast prior to installation and allow for most installations to be completed in one visit.  There is no need to wait for the concrete to set before  returning to fix the structure.
These foundation feet can also be used to install structures to uneven surfaces. They can be installed above or below ground to suit the site, structure or installation.          
foundation block cycle shelter installation
Scooter racks are an increasingly popular addition to primary schools. The design pictured is a single sided model . They are also available in a free standing double sided version.
These Sheffield stands are fitted below ground and offer secure anchors for either cycles or motorcycles. They are incredibly flexible and can be fitted virtually anywhere and in any numbers. They are unobtrusive and come in a variety of colours. These can be installed with or without a shelter. They can even be fitted to an existing shelter or a shelter can be added at a later date.
Motor cycle anchors can be fitted to any style of shelter and again in any numbers.
An alternative to the below ground fixed cycle rack is the toast rack design. Pictured is a five stand toast rack, However they are available in two, three and four stand versions to enable maximum usage of available space within a shelter.