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Rubber Mulch / Bark - Safety Surfacing

An alternative to Play Area Bark and Wet Pour for Playgrounds and Landscapes. The loose fill rubber mulch is the most innovative replacement for traditional loose-fill materials such as wood chips, sand or gravel on the market today.

Using rubber chippings as mulch should provide you with some impressive benefits:
* No settlement compaction or rotting to allow for
* Retains no moisture and does not stay wet
* Does not attract pets and wildlife mess
* Does not blow around or easily scatter
* Effectively maintenance free so cheaper to own
* Drop tested to BSEN1177 standards for playground use
* No heavy raking, topping up or replacement needed.
* Helps to curb weeds, mould and fungus.

TechMulch - Loose Lay Rubber Mulch

Ideal Safety Surface - alternative to wooden bark

Easy install:
No formal ground preparation is required as it can usually be laid over most existing surfaces including soil, concrete or old bark if necessary. Installation is as easy as emptying the 10 kilo bags into your retained area which can be created by digging into the ground and filling back up to the surrounding land level, or by bordering the area with rubber kerbstones to create a 'pit' above ground.

Coverage calculations
. 8 kilos of product per square metre for landscaping without footfall @ 25mm (1")
. 12 kilos of product per square metre for busy landscaping and low level playground areas @ 38mm (1 ½")
. 16 kilos of product per square metre* for higher level playground use @ 50mm (2") (or more as required)


10kg Bags
Various CFH available dependant on thickness laid

TechMulch - SoftBond Rubber Mulch

Excellent "DIY" Installation capailities

Tech Mulch rubber mulch; combined with a binder; mixed on site and levelled out to provide a more attractive and cheaper option to traditional granulate wet pour.

* No need for a sub base
* Use less binder
* Single layer coverage
* Same day curing
* Ideal for around tree
* 100% recycled rubber mulch; replaces virgin EPDM rubber


10 bags of Mulch & suitable binder 25kg supplied together

Wet Pour - Safety Surfacing

A seamless, mainten ance free surface. The rubber granules and resin mixed and laid on site to produce a porus safety surface, ideal for childrens play areas. We can lay surfaces directly over tarmac, paving slabs, concrete etc. Grass and bark are easily coverted by installing a concrete or stone base upon which the rubber can be laid. Installing a 20mm layer of Wet-Pour is an ideal way to make tarmac areas safer.

£11.00 per 10kg bag

£30.00 per m2

For the repair of wet pour safety surfacing FITITALL are delighted to introduce the Replay repair kit, ideal for making minor repairs to damaged or vandalised areas of wet pour surfacing.